Gray-Cat-WebThis is Wildwindstar in real life


Wildwindstar is a gray she-cat with blue eyes and wild white stripes.

Leader of BirdClan.

Roleplay by Wildwindstar.


Wildwind was born to unknown parents, with siblings Thunder, River, Wind and Shadow for her brothers and Shade, Breathe and Breeze. In a barn in a middle of Leaf-bare.

At the age of 1 moon old there parents abouned them. She left for BirdClan and was taken care by Birdstar and Stormear with there kit Soulkit. Wildwindkit.

6 moons of life she became apprentice to Tomclaw. She found out she had powers of fire, water, air and ice. Her name was Wildwindpaw.

Then Birdstar died of old age she miss her apoded mother then Sparrowears became leader and got her warrior name Wildwind.

Five moons later Sparrowstar died and Moonpelt became leader and she became Medicine cat apprentice. She didn't even what to become one at all. She started going to ThunderClan nobody knew.

Three moons later FireClan attacked and killed Moonpeltstar and Moonflower. Soulfawn father was killed also when they became apprentices. They blame Wildwind for the deaths so she brought her and the others to ThunderClan. Including Moonflowers' kits.

Then she and her kit Shadowclaw killed Owlpeltstar five moon later.

They still stay in ThunderClan.

Then Ravenpeltstar died and Firecloud became leader and she became deputy of BirdClan.


She is a happy, hyper, avdventories cat in her family when she was a loner. When she join she was sad, happy, avdventoires and smart.




Unknown: alive


Unknown: alive


Thunder: alive Loners of the Barn

Shadow: alive Loners of the Barns

Wind: alive loners of the barns

River: alive loners of the barns


Breathe: alive loners of the barn

Breeze: alive loners of the barn

Shade: alive loners of the barn


Theme song:

  • Her parents are Longstar and Shortstar.
  • Base off of her user.


  • Flame tail: her tail can turn into flames.
  • Ice Claws: her claws turn into ice.
  • Ice Blizzard: she makes a ice storm at a cat.
  • Water fur: her fur turns into water.
  • Teleportion: teleport anywhere anytime
  • Read Mines and Thoughts
  • Foxtalk speaks to foxes.