Where is He

Author: Wildwindstar

Status: Making

Sires: The End is Near Sires

Allegiances: KarateClan , Tae Kwon DoClan

Preceding: None

Succeeding: Freezing Cold

Karatestar is kidnaping cats in ever Clan in their territory area. When Juliaheart, Taylorheart, Mikavole, and Nicolasvole look for their missing clan mates they found out there will be a war if the can't find them.

The Kidnaping Sires
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Where is He

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Juliaheart's Revang




Karatestar and Wolfkit were talking with Samuellake who should they kidnape from Tae Kwon DoClan.

Wolfkit mewed, "How about Patricknettle, Darrickheart and Mathewheart."

The others agree. They knew how much more cats they need.

"Oh no you don't Karatestar."

It was Dasiynose.

Karatestar said, "They only way the clan finds out u will tell So u will be killed Samlake you know what to do."

Samlake killed Dasiynose and Wolfkit was happy, not sad.

Frankieblade brought his kits not including Wolfkit to Tae Kwon DoClan.

Frankieblade whimpered, "Bye ktis remember u were born in TKDClan."

He left and Juliaheart, Nicolasvole, Mikavole, and Kimheart appear and saw Sammykit, Davidkit, and, Nataliekit. They brought into there camp. They don't remember the past.

Chapter 1: Wolfkit or JuliaheartEdit



(First part is Wolfkit.)

Part 1Edit

I look around and saw Frankieblade coming home. Where are my siblings it is not my fault for being bad cause of Karatestar and Samlake they made me bad not good like my siblings. My mother died cause it was my fault not me. He must of brought them to TKDClan I'm gald they are safe there.

I said, "Hi father, how r u?"

Frankieblade whispered, "I brought your siblings to TKDClan it is our secret please."

I nodded, "Thanks father and I promise. Will you keep a secret that I'm good father. Tail twined promise, cross my heart and spirts of Marshel ArtsClan hearts and souls."

He nodded.

(This is Juliaheart part)

Part 2Edit

I look over at Mathewheart, I had a crush on him for a long time. My two brothers Sam and Fu I don't know where they are now cause I went to join this clan. My fav. friend has a mate now name Taylorheart and her mate is Darrickheart. I still wish I had a mate I would name my kits Lilykit, Artkit, Danekit, Alliekit, Erinkit and Gracekit. I turn around to see Davidfern and Mikavole appear with Davidkit and Nataliekit at there side.

Davidkit mewed, "Hi Juliaheart, how r u today."

I look down at Davidkit mewed, "Good youngster, Taestar said you and your siblings become apprentices in....."

Taestar mewed, "May all old cats that can fight please come to the broken pile of wood for a meeting. Today three kits are ready to be apprentices Davidkit, Nataliekit, and Sammykit have reach 6 moons old. Davidkit until you get your warrior name you will be know as Davidpaw and your mentor will be Juliaheart." Me I can't believe this. "Nataliekit until you get your warrior name you will be known as Nataliepaw and your mentor will be Davidfern, and Sammykit until you get your warrior name you will be known as Sammypaw and your mentor is Mikaheart."

Clan, "Sammypaw. Nataliepaw. Davidpaw."

Davidpaw and Sammypaw both walk to their mentors.