Valleykit is an apprentice of TrailClan, and is the third Water Bravespirit. He is roleplayed by Wild.


He was one of the six kits (who were all the brave 6) found at the TrailClan border, abandoned and had been just born. Valleykit was given his name by the Clan, after noting that he was the smallest, but an explorer.

He was cruelly and constantly bullied by Winterpaw and Fleetpaw, and none of the other kits were to busy playing to deal with it. Winterpaw and Fleetpaw constantly slashed him, and broke some of his paw bones. One night, they trapped him in a tree hollow, and planned to kill him by setting fire to the hallow.

However, the plan backfired, and the fire spread and surrounded them. Darkkit, Clawkit, and Lightkit were exploring near there, and saved Valleykit, but Winterpaw and Fleetpaw died of their fire wounds. For this, Valleykit is forever loyal to Lightkit.

Like the rest of the kits, he has an intense hate for Speedkit.


His theme song is

Wild has revealed that something unexpected and tragic will happen to him in the final battle against Speedkit.

  • He died