Here is a list of times I will be highly inactive.

Jan 9: Ski Club 'til 10pm

Jan 15: Double Lacrosse games

Jan 22: Double Lacrosse Games

Jan 23: My birthday, Ski Club 'til 10pm

Jan 29: Double lacrosse games

Jan 30: Ski Club 'til 10pm.

Feb 5: Double Lacrosse games

Feb 6: Ski Club 'til 10pm

Feb 12: Double Lacrosse Games

Feb 13: Ski Club 'til 10pm

Feb 19: Double Lacrosse games

Feb 20:: Ski Club 'til 10pm

Feb 26: Double Lacrosse games

March 3: Double Lacrosse games

March 9: Double Lacrosse games

March 15: Double lacrosse games

March 21: Double Lacrosse games

March 27: Double lacrosse games

August 7 (possibly August 1) to August 21- Overnight summer camp

Also, for the time being, I can only type with my left hand, since last night at ski club I crashed into a fence and gave my shoulder a huge bruise.

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