I've created a fanfiction on a different wiki which is a spin off of call of duty. It contains characters (humans) based off of every kit currently in TrailClan. Below is a guide of who is who.

WARNING:This fanfic is rated R for restricted, due to mild blood, violence, suggestive themes, language and extreme sexual themes.

Pantherkit- Casey (Noted by her Carolina Panthers attire)

Orangekit- Zach (noted by Syracuse Orange attire)

Lightkit- Gibson (noted in no way at all)

Steelkit- John (Noted in Pittsburgh Steelers attire)

Valleykit- Pablo (Noted in no way at all)

Clawkit- Alex (noted in no way at all)

Longkit- Ethan (noted in the longest of his hair)

Darkkit- Ryan (noted in no way at all)

Hardkit- Charlie (noted in no way at all)

Goldenkit- Tyler (noted in no way at all)

Speedkit- Jacques (noted in no way at all)

Again, please read the warnings and take caution in reading this stuff. Link:

Enjoy :)

-- Hokage Wild 01:44, January 11, 2012 (UTC)

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