Budstar- White tom with light blue eyes. (Wild)


Sharptooth- Black and gold tom with amber eyes. (Wild)

Medicine CatEdit

Blackfur- Grumpy black tom with brown eyes. (Wild)


Darkpaw- Dark brown tom with brown eyes. (Wild)


Soaringsky- Ginger she-cat with blue eyes. (Wild)

Yellowheart- Pretty golden she-cat with blue eyes. (Wild)

Heavyclaw- Light gray tom with black stripes and green eyes. (Wild)

Epicheart- Black tom with dark gray stripes. (Wild)

Sunclaw- Golden tom with green eyes. (Wild)

Hyperdash- Long haired brown tom with brown eyes and white spots. (Wild)

Trickspell- Light tan tom with blue eyes. (Wild)

Dodgeheart- Army green tom with green eyes. (Wild)

Warclaw- Black tom with blue eyes. (Wild)

Turtlepad- Green tom with a brown patch on his back and golden eyes. Very slow, but can be stragetic in battle. (Wild)

Stormdigger- black she-cat with blue eyes and brown stripes.(Wildwind)

Samear- black tom with brown eyes and white stripes. Brother of Stormdigger.(Wildwind)

Sunrisefur- Longhaired golden tom with one blue eye and one robotic eyes. Can create small explosions and control birds. (Wild)

Puppetheart- Red tom with orange eyes. Can have swords come out of his back. (Wild)


Steelpaw- Golden tom with black spots, red flecks on his tail, blue spots scattered about his tail, and brown eyes. (Wild) Mentor Hyperdash

Lightpaw- Black tom with green eyes. (Wild) Mentor Warclaw

Longkit- Longhaired black tom with blue eyes. (Wild) Mentor Puppetheart

Pantherkit- Brown she-cat with darker brown spots and beautiful blue eyes. Has a crush on Steelpaw. (Wild) Mentor Sharptooth

Goldenpaw- Pale golden tom with blue eyes. (Wild) Mentor Turtlepad

Hardkit- Small, lithe gray tabby tom with green eyes. (Wild) Mentor Sunrisefur

Orangepaw- Orange tom with dark blue stripes. (Wild) Mentor Trickspell

Valleypaw- Small ginger tom with small red stripes and blue eyes. (Wild) Mentor Dodgeheart

Clawpaw- Black tom with white paws, underbelly, and ears. (Wild) Mentor Sunclaw


Blossomingheart- Pink and red she-cat with blue eyes. Expecting Turtlepad's kits. (Wild)

Sunshinebloom- Golden she-cat with pink eyes. Expecting Sharptooth's kits. (Wild)

Nightshadeflower- Black she-cat with green eyes. Expecting Warclaws' kits. (Wild)

Kits Edit




Former Clan MembersEdit


Bravestar- White tom with black claws, black ears, and blue eyes. Inventor of the Bravespirit, and was the 1st Wind Bravespirit.

Rockstar- Mysterious black tom with golden eyes. Killed Rustyclaw, Splashheart, Puzzle-ears, Restfur, and Boulderblock. 2nd Wind Bravespirit. Killed by Sunclaw.


Firestick- Ginger tom with blue stripes and green eyes. First Fire Bravespirit.

Rustyclaw- Ginger tom with blue eyes. Second Fire Bravespirit. Killed by Rockstar.

Splashheart- White tom with blue eyes. Second Water Bravespirit. Killed by Rockstar.


Lightningbolt- Speedy golden tom with a darker jagged stripe and golden eyes. First Lightining Bravespirit.

Puzzle-ears- Brown tom with golden eyes and two torn ears. Second Lightning Bravespirit. Killed by Rockstar.

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