Escape Journay
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The Storm and The Lark

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The Stormy Weather

Lark in a Storm


Stormfur and Lark saw nobody, Stormfur wanted to go back to his father's clan ThunderClan only Lark wanted to go. He did not whated to tell anyone from the Tribe he was born clan and he whats to go back.

Lark mewed, "Are you sure no one following us."

Stormfur mewed, "Yes I'm sure."

Stormfur look one more time behind he knew Lark will be better in ThunderClan

(Back at the ThunderClan camp.)

Dovewing use her power and saw two cats come from the mountains Stormfur and Lark she whated to not tell anyone. She knew how much they love the mountains.

Chapter 1:StormfurEdit

(N/A: Flora and the others are nice to them Stormfur and Lark.)

Lark and I was near inturrders camp. When Flora and some other rogues came near them.

Flora mewed, "Stormfur and Lark how are you."

I mewed, "Great, I want to say thanks for letting us stay that one time while we got lost. I was thinking you should join us in our journary to ThunderClan."

Flora mewed, "Yeah and I was about to ask."

I was so happy to have more cats in my journay and wait that was so many like one of them will die like last time. He remembers his sister Feathertail. Stick flick his tail back infore he likes Flora. Stick look for the last time and left with Storm(Stormfur discase name.) and the others. I saw a patrol coming this way. Oh no. Brook, Night and Pine, no not Brook and Pine he need to hide now. He hid behind some bushes and so did Lark.

He heared, "Flora why did you kill Stormfur and Lark?"

Flora lied and mewed, "He and his little daughter cross our border and we kill them."

Pine mewed, "Why did you kill my sister?"

Stick mewed, "Do you what to be kill to be with your sister."

Brook mewed, "Don't you dare."

Storm and Larky came out.

Brook and Pine gasp.

Chapter 2:LarkyEdit

Brook mewed, "Who is this?"

Larky mewed, "My name is Larky and that is Storm."

Brook and Pine walk muttering to themselves. They were safe from the Tribe of the Rushing Water.