This is the MoonClan for TrailClan, since they do not believe in MoonClan. It's like a huge moor in the sky.

Aether MembersEdit

Bravestar- White tom with black stripes. the First Wind Bravespirit, and the inventor of the Bravespirit. Mates with Calmmind. (Wild)

Firestick- Ginger tom with blue stripes and green eyes. First Fire Bravespirit. (Wild)

Rustyclaw- Ginger tom with blue eyes. Second Fire Bravespirit, killed by Rockstar. (Wild)

Splashheart- White tom with blue eyes. Second Water Bravespirit. Killed by Rockstar. (Wild)

Lightningbolt- Speedy golden tom with a darker yellow stripe across his pelt and golden eyes. First Lightning Bravespirit. (Wild)

Puzzle-ears- Brown tom with golden eyes and two torn ears. Second Lightning Bravespirit, and was killed by Rockstar. (Wild)

Restfur- Purple and blue tom with deep purple eyes. Second Mind Bravespirit, and was killed by Rockstar. (Wild)

Boulderblock- Huge black tom with brown stripes and army green eyes. Second Earth Bravespirit, and was killed by Rockstar. (Wild)

Calmmind- Purple she-cat with blue eyes. Mates with Bravestar. (Wild)

Darkfur- Dark brown tom with black tabby stripes. First Earth Bravespirit. (Wild)

Obsidionheart- Black tom with blue eyes. (Wild)

Burnscar- Red she-cat with scars all over her pelt and white eyes. (Wild)


(7 moons before the current setting of Fire: Part 1)

Rockstar fell to the ground. Sunpaw stood over him triumphently, with Warpaw, Trickpaw, Dodgepaw, and Hyperpaw shielded him.

"Why did you kill our mentors? They were your friends!" Sunpaw growled, his unsheathed claws at Rockstar's throat.

"Because...of the prophecy.." Rockstar breathed heavily.

"What prophecy?" Sunpaw meowed back icily. Rockstar coughed up some blood.

"That...the Bear, combined with his Speed and Dark, would destroy the Trail." Rockstar panted, the life fading from his eyes. "But then....there's more. If the Orange Flames prosper with the Panther, hope and peace will be restored." Sunpaw gritted his teeth. "So, I knew we needed the next generation of Bravespirits quick." Rockstar coughed, then sighed one last thing. "The next wind bravespirit....will be stronger....then any other....and nothing can stop her....but a strike." Rockstar coughed again, and then laid still.

Bravestar watched on sadly from the skies. Splashheart padded up next to him. "It's over?"

"Yes, it's over." Bravestar sighed. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, it's for the best." Splashheart dipped his head to Bravestar. Bravestar nodded solemmly. -- Hokage Wild 14:34, December 24, 2011 (UTC)