Sunshinekit of FiresClan
SunshinekitThis is Sunshinekit in real life.

Sunshinekit ginger tom with dark green eyes and black stripes. Power of Fire. From FiresClan. Thrid Fire power cat. Roleplay by Wildwindstar.

Kit of FiresClan.


Sunshinekit was born to Heatfeather and Fires-eyestar with one sibling Stormykit. In the middle of Green-Leaf. When his parenets saw him he look like a tiger.

He became apprentice to Crowfire.




  • His warrior name will be Sunshinecrow.
  • He will be a future leader.
  • He and Freezekit will be mates.
  • He looks like a tiger.


  • Sun healing he gets healed by the sun.

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