When you see a cave that is shinning you walk in and see a hole on top of the cave with cats with powers of the sun, you see a cat "Hello will you like to adopt a kitten."


Own by Wildwindstar


&this means it a has a dispoder

@this means it has something to do with a prohecy that is coming up

  • This means it has to go with another cat

^can't change name



Codykit shiny ginger she-cat with blue eyes and black ears.


Puffy: puffy black she-cat with green eyes and ginger ears.


Camilie green she-cat with blue eyes and black stripes.


@^Scorahkit flame ginger tom with sky blue eyes and grass green stripes.


  • Puck black tom with green eyes and white stripe around its body.
  • Stick brown tom with green eyes and black paws.


^Flamey flame ginger tom with blue eyes and white stripes.


Sun ginger tom with blue eyes and black stripes. Mates with Dawny. Roleplay by Wildwindstar.

Dawny shiny purple she-cat with shiny pink eyes and shiny neon green stripes. Mates with Sun. Roleplay by Wildwindstar.

Mother to Sky and Beauty.

Sky: Sky blue tom with grass green eyes and sea green stripes. Roleplay by Wildwindstar.

Beauty: shiny black she-cat with shiny green eyes and shiny silver stripes. Roleplay by Wildwindstar.

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