Steelpaw is an apprentice of TrailClan. He is roleplayed by Wild.


He is a fun loving, loud, funny tom, though he has a serious, smart side. Though slightly perverted, he has no trouble making friends.


Steelpaw was one of the six kits found on the TrailClan border. He was named because of his build of steel.

He was able to escape the invasion of TrailClan, where he learned he was the Mind Bravespirit. Steelpaw was skilled in his training, and helped Orangepaw when he nearly burned down the prey supply.

He was one of the ones not to participate against Speedkit, but he did help resurrect Valleypaw. He was given his apprentice name, and his mentor became Hyperdash.


Its a running gag that he and Pantherpaw have many awkward moments together

He is based off one of Wild's real life friends.