These are a collection of songfics for Valleykit.

Monster-Meg and DiaEdit

He was literrally based off of this song, mixed with one of my friends from school. I found a male version to use, and editted some of the lyrics. Valleykit is singing this while flashing back on everything that has happened to him, and everything comes back to the word 'Monster'

thumb|300px|left|Male Version, with original lyrics

Valleykit singing:

His Little Whispers: Lip syncing as kit til next verse

Love me

Love Me

That's all I ask for

Love Me

Love Me

He battered his tiny paws to feel something: Trying to fight off Fleetpaw and Winterpaw

Wondered what it's like to touch:Drawing a heart in the dirt

And feel something: Crosses out heart

Monster:Winterpaw and Fleetpaw making fun of him

How should I feel?: Valleykit walking away slowly

Creatures lie here, looking through the window: Valleykit watching the other kits play together

That night they caged him: Winterpaw and Fleetpaw pushing him into the tree stump

Bruised and Broke him: Winterpaw and Fleetpaw beating him up

They struggled closer, then they, stole him: Continue to beat up, Winterpaw finds the burning stick.

Violet claws and then his ankles: There claws bloodstained

Silent pain: Valleykit refusing to break

Then he slowly saw their nightmares:Rain begins to come down

Were his dreams: Valleykit looking dazed.

I will hear their voices:Valleykit faintly hears Lightkit's voice, saying Come on!

I'm a glass child :Valleykit struggles up

I am TrailClan's regrets:Turns to face Fleetpaw and Winterpaw, Valleykit bloody and hurt

Monster: Valleykit mutters word under his breath

How should I feel? : Winterpaw grabs flaming stick

Turn the sheets down: Lightkit looks over his shoulder from hill, sees the smoke

Murder ears with pillow lace : Lightkit dashing down hill, Clawkit and Darkkit with him

There's tree hollows: Valleykit's eyes widen, staring at stick

Full of glowflies: Winterpaw drops stick on dry grass

Bathe in Kerosine!: Erupts in blaze

Their words tatooed in his veins: Valleykit shuts eyes, opens, and Lightkit, Darkkit, and Clawkit are with him.

Yeah: Valleykit, Lightkit, Darkkit, and Clawkit watching the blaze.