Love songsEdit

You Never Love MeEdit

I see you talking to a girl

You think she so nice you what to date her

But you have a girlfriend thats me

I know sometimes I'm not there for you

But why


I love you and you did not even though we had dates

You are a stick in a mud, girls please don't date he cheats on you

You never love me

All the things I done for you and now you might come back to me

C-H-E-A-T-E-R CheaterEdit

Lily, Theo and I both hanging out

Lily sees you kissing that girl who is so mean to us

I think you should be in jail

All things you done to me

All the words and actions

Don't come begging to me after she breaks



You are such a lier

All the things you said.

Why is love so faraway/ Dudate with CaseyEdit

{A/N: Freezekit and Sunshinekit song fits them both. Casey still loves her. Need you type of thing}

Birdy: I miss someone in my lfe

A peice of my heart is missing

Like someone is not here

Who nows if my life will end now

Both: So why I'm I feeling so down

If life should be done

If can I feel this way

It so hard to fight these tears


Both: Why is love so faraway

I'm so close if we can touch each other

Or even have more look at you