Sol strikes back
Blurb When Sol whats revange on ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan and ShadowClan. He gose and ask BirdClan, FireClan, FlameClan, SnakeClan and SnapClan for help to get the other clans to die out, but he had join Dark Maroon.

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Authors Note

Sol- is a mottled, tall, stocky, well muscled, sleek, long-haired dark, brown and bright tortoiseshell tom with pale yellow eyes.

Wildwindstar- gray she-cat with blue eyes and wild white stripes.

Firestar- ginger tom with green eyes.

Flamestar- ginger tom

Measege: Never ever get into fight if you don't know what happen in the past.

Hi my name is Wildwind, I love cats and animals.


Sol is back he is out to get the clans for revange.

A rogue walk into BirdClan terrioy, he knew they will appect him into there clan when he saw Horsecloud.

Horsecloud look up and saw him. "Who are you? Don't let me get my brother Stumpclaw."

The rogue said, "My name is Sol and its oh k. I need to speak to your leader.

Chapter 1: SolEdit

(N/A: Gingerstream and Sparrow-eyes are on hunting patrol. GingerXSparrow.)

Horsecloud walk into camp with me. He saw the leader Wildwindstar and walk over to her.

Wildwindstar mewed, "Sol why are you here."

I mewed, "So no friendly welcome from one of three today hmm thats dispointing."

Falconsnow mewed, "Sol leave or I'll may you leave."

I snarl, "I need your guys help the four clans what me to be dead."

Herbstorm mewed, "That is harsh we will help you we promies(Herbstorm and Sol were best buddies before Herbstorm join long time ago.)."

Wildwindstar mewed, "Who agrees with Herbstorm."

The whole clan rose one of there paws.

Wildwindstar mewed, "Thats are finally distretion Sol you can stay in the clans."

Sol mewed, "Thanks and FlameClan, FireClan, SnapClan and SnakeClan already said yes also."

Gingerstream and Sparrow-eyes just came back from hunting patrol.

Sol mewed, "Ginger how are you?"

Gingerstream mewed, "Hi brother and my name is Gingerstream."

Everyone gasp, "What Gingerstream brother is Sol."

Gingerstream mewed, "Yes he is my brother."

Sparrow-eyes mewed, "Oh yeah my long lost siblings is Firestar and Princess."

I look over at Stumpclaw and mewed, "Ah I remember when you were a kitten, I met u and Wildwind."