Snowpaw of SnowClanThis is Snowpaw in real life.


Snowpaw is a snow white tom with icey blue eyes.

Apprentice of SnowClan.

Roleplay by Wildwindstar.


Snow was born to Ice and Freeze with two siblings Ice(Icepaw) and Minnow(Minnowpaw) in the middle of Leaf-bare as a rogue.

One moon later Ice was killed by a dog. Minnow got scared and ran away.

Freeze died of greencough three moons old. Minnow came back.

One moon later they were found by Fox(Foxstorm) their aunt. Then the meet Lily(Lilystorm) and Snow(Snowstar) and made the clan SnowClan. His mentor was Foxstorm.




  • He dose not know he has powers.
  • He will become leader one day.


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