Slazestar and Blazestorm(Blazestar) were checking the empty feilds. They saw monsters building things. they were so close to there border with the empty feilds. Two toms and a she-cat appears. She-cat mewed, "Hello my name is Cave(Cavefur) and this is Sam(Samear) and Eye(Eyestorm)." Blazestorm mewed, "You remind me of my sister right bro." Flicking his tail and Slazestar.

Slazestar mewed, "Don't be so rude Blazestorm. My name is Slazestar and that is my rude deputy Blazestorm." Cave cuckeled and mewed, "Nice to meet uou thoses Nofur's are owners are making this Nofur's town maybe you guys get your Nofurs' come and live there Sam can talk to Nofurs' and hear them right Sam." Sam surrged, "Well, remember the first time it happen Cave." Cave mewed, "They freak out, they gave him extra food that night." Slazestar mewed, "You mean Twolegs. My sister was Cave. Right Blazestorm. We are clan cats and the clan is called SlazeClan."

SlazeClan's Journay
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SlazeClan gets Kick Out of Terrtiory

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SlazeClan Horible Death

SlazeClan gets Kick Out of Terrtiory
Blurb Slazestar finds out that Twolegs our destoring there terrtiory and camp no body got killed. So Slazestar ask the clans for some terrtiory they won't let them get any of there Terrtiory. They left and never return,

Main Characters

Authors Note

Slazestar-black and white tom with green eyes.

Blazestorm-dark ginger tom with green eyes.

Cavefur-black she-cat with blue eyes and white stripes.

Samear- black tom with green eyes and yellow stripes.

Eyestorm- ginger tom with green eyes and black stripes.

Chapter 1:SlazestarEdit

Slazestar and Blazestorm walk back to camp. Axfur and Sondaze were talking.