Secret SisterEdit

Author: Wildwindstar

Status: Just Started

Series: Power Ranger Super Samurai Sires

Allegiances: Power Ranger Super Samurai/ Girl red ranger Super Samurai team/ Nighlokes

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Succeeding: None

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Jayden does not know about his Twin sister Julia.

POV: Julia

The MoveEdit

Hi my name is Julia; I’m the twin sister of the red ranger his name is Jayden. Our mom died in a fight with some Nighloks. People say about the Power Rangers Samurai, the Red Ranger is back and I say really with a weird look and again my brother red ranger. Did you know that I’m the girl one? Yes I am.

Bella yelled, “Julia when are we going on airplane to your home town?” I said, “Right now bye New York hello California.” We were packing up for moving back to my Hometown California, where Jayden and I were born, Bella was from Minnesota, Kelly, Travis and Connor are from here. My mentor Gil is coming downstairs with the bags and with Kelly, Travis and Connor.

We put everything that is really imported to in our bags. I pick. (Books that my mom gave me, power ranger stuff and some other stuff,) Gil said, “Remember what we say to the Power Rangers there.” Connor said, “Ah hi and then run off.” I said, “Run off.” Bella said “Got to go and then run off.” Travis said, “See you later and then run off.” Kelly said, “What he said and then run off.” Connor said,

We drove to airport I look around and saw Dad and Jayden pictures under it said
“Old ranger and new ranger.” Gil came with the tickets. I was with Gil and Bella on the airplane. When we got there, I saw a group of kids one them look like my brother. Mia said, “Jayden and Jil a see a group of people that just came off of airplane from New York. Can we talk to them?” he said, “We sure can.” I look up from we were sitting I grab my bag. We ran to our car that Gil was driving to our new house.

When we got there Gil said, “Welcome to California Kelly, Connor, Bella and Travis. This was the last spot Julia’s mom was alive.” Everyone laugh including Gil. I put a hat on just in case they come in. Bella “It’s warmer here then Minnesota and New York.” They all agree. But I still don’t see why we had to do that. Since Jayden is my brother I’m been hiding from him I think so. Bella yell, “Someone is at the door. Gil will you answer it please?” When Gil answers it, it was Jil, Jayden, Antonio, Kevin, Emily, Mike and Mia. Jayden said, “Is this the family from New York.” Gil said, “Yes we are, my name is Gil and this Bella, Kelly, Travis, Connor and Julia.”

When they left, Gil said, “Guys this is a rough time for Jayden and Julia they have to seal Master Xandred. The last one didn’t seal all the way Jayden and Julia father we don’t know where he is or why is he hidden.”

(Beep, beep) whet the gap sensor, I said, “Where is it Gil?” He said, “At the entrance to the park. Go right now.” We ran I sat up on a tree, Connor look like a tree. Bella was a swig and Travis and Kelly were boyfriend and girlfriend on a bench. I stomp the tree. Here came Jayden all by himself. Where is his team? Moogers came they took Jayden’s arms and feet, and then pin them to the ground. We yell, “Go, and go samurai.” We drew our symbols and we ran out and I mostly jump off from the branch I was sitting on. The Moogers were surprises when we appear I fought when out of now where Delock, Zelocks brother appear and was about to put his sword on to Jayden I put my sword and slap the sword away. I said, “Don’t even dare hurt him.” He said, “Not for long, teleport.” He put his hand on Jayden. I yell, “No!” I look up and saw Jayden roll over on his stomach. Then Mia, Emily, Kevin and Mike appear when my team was about to leave.

Gil was waiting on the porch, his hands on the staff. I look up when Gil saw us coming. He said, “What happen?” I said, “Moogers appear and toke Jayden’s arms and feet and pin them to ground and we appear and slice then Delock appear and put his sword on Jayden I mean almost but I slap the sword away and said “don’t even hurt him” and he said “not for long, teleport.” but he was roll over on to his stomach.” He stares at us. That’s then a knock on the door, Kelly went to go get, and it was Jayden, Mia, Emily, Kevin and Mike. Oh oo Jayden was here I’m glad that I didn’t say brother. I had my head down. Jayden said, “I saw a group of power rangers at the park.” I kept my head low.

One min. later Antonio appear at the door and knock on door Bella answered, she was smiling at Antonio and she said, “Antonio is that you? It’s me Bella.” Antonio said, “Bella I can’t believe it. Julia nice to see you don’t tell my team you guys I promise.” We said thanks to Antonio.

The Capture Edit

I just was so surprise to see him I mean Jayden and Antonio. (Beep, beep) whet the gap sensor. It was the same place. Jayden appear he look around again same things. This time Delock push down and call “ring down.” Jayden whole body was ring down. I yell, “No. Go, go samurai.” We drew our symbols and I slash at Delock Jayden was sinking to ground. No Antonio would be mad at me really mad. Now that he is gone I’m sad. I could have saved him but he is and it’s my entire fault. We were walking that’s when Antonio appears Bella gave him a hug. He said, “What happen. Where’s Jayden? He didn’t come back.”I said, “Jayden appear he look around again same things. This time Delock push down and call “ring down.” Jayden whole body was ring down. I yell, “No. Go, go samurai.” We drew our symbols and I slash at Delocks Jayden was sinking to ground.” He said, “I know you tried to save him.” That’s then Mia, Kevin, Emily and Mike appears. Kevin said, “Antonio there you. We had been looking for you. Who is this? Wait a min. Jayden is that you?” I said, “I’m not Jayden. Even though I’m wearing the red ranger suit.” Mia said, “So you aren’t Jayden then who are then.” I ran off.

When we got home Gil was looking out the door. I stomp my foot Gil turn around I said, “Jayden appear he look around again same things. This time Delock press down and call “ring down.” Jayden whole body was ring down. I yell, “No. Go, go samurai.” We drew our symbols and I slash at Delocks Jayden was sinking to ground.” He said, “That can’t be I thought this might happen. This is bad Julia is right thing to do go to the Netherworld.” We said, “What? Do we have to?” he said, “If you want to save your twin brother Julia. Some will get the door?” Travis said, “Bella should do it again.” She did and their stood Antonio crying and said, “Jayden left a note and said.”

Dear team,

I’m been kidnapped by a Nighloke name Delock be carefully of his words, I got it the hard way from his words. Tell Emily that I love her. Don’t tell the police about it bring help please and the other team of rangers.



I said, “What he said what? I can’t believe he said that. He has a crush on Emily Ha, Ha! We should go now because he said so.”

When Mia, Emily, Kevin and Mike came with Antonio, I was reading a book. I look up from my book. I said, “Thanks for coming you guys. Travis, Bella, Kelly and Connor come out its ok. Is everyone ready to go to Netherworld?” Everyone nodded and said, “Go, go samurai.” We all morph into samurai. Then we got a call I answer it I said, “Hello this is Julia.” The caller said, “its Delock may I speak to Emily.” I said, “how about the whole team and the other team.” He said, “Sure.” I put on speaker phone, he said, “If you want Jayden you have me to give the sealing spell or his life. Call off.” He hung up. I said, “Want do you think?” Kevin said, “I think we should save not give up his life or the sealing spell.”

When we got to Kevin’s house Jil came out he said, “There you guys are. Where were you?” Mia said, “We were at the park with Julia, Travis, Kelly, Bella and Connor.” We came out I was glad to see Jil. I said, “Jil do you remember me from long time ago?” He said, “Julia is that really you. I can’t believe it I thought that you die like your mom.” I said, “Yes it is. I teleport to the Netherworld I met two Nighlokes named Belong and Netnail they were good Nighlokes I told them and they said,

“Our leader dad killed your mom and his name is Killlock.” He said, “That’s sad and I feel bad for you Julia and how Gil is.” I said, “Good.”

That’s then the gap sensor went off. We said, “Go, go samurai.” We ran to the park. I saw Zelock, Belong and Netnail with Delock, I yelled, “cheetah speed.” Zelock went to the side of Delock. There was a voice behind me said, “Traitor Zelock you are a traitor to all good Nighlokes including Julia, Belong and Netnail.” it was Netnail. He said, “I don’t care about you guys anymore.” I yelled, “You are helping Master Xandred all this long. Nice to see you Belong and Netnail.” They said, “Julia is that really you.” I nodded. Zelock said, “A family reunion and how did you guys meet.” I said, “When I was young my mom died and was teleport to the Netherworld and they came up and they told what and who did kill my mom.” He gasped. We laugh.

We fought that’s then a boy appear he wore a shirt that was rip. He said, “Stop it or else I will fight against all of you.” Kevin said, “Jayden is that you, we got your note, right Emily.” She said, “Right Kevin, Jayden it’s ok these friends.” He looks at Kevin and Emily. I rolled my eyes. He attacks us I yelled “Leopard slash.” Jayden was hit. Delock yell, “Slam down.” I was down to the ground and in human form. Jayden shock his head he looks down where I was laying. He went back and disappears.

I look up at Belong and Netnail I was right to have a good team and friends that are Nighlokes. I was badly injured Kelly and Travis carry me back to our house. Kevin, Emily, Mia and Mike came with us. Gil appears and said, “What happen to Julia, two Nighlokes.” I said, “Got injured and these are my friends Belong and Netnail.” When Belong and Netnail left, I told him about those Nighlokes and how they told me who killed my mom. He understands that Killock killed my mom.

I had a rough day Jayden betraying us without telling what to do? I was just about to go see Kevin and Emily at their house when the door bell rings it was Belock. I said, “What do you want Belock?” she said, “it’s about my brother Zelock is it true that he is a traitor to all good Nighlokes.” I nodded. Belock is Zelock sister.

We went to the park and Emily, Bella and I played on the swigs. I slid off the swig and I twisted my ankle. I was in a doctor car. I was heading towards the hospital. That’s when Deker appears he’s my uncle. He said, “What happen, omg I’m sorry about your ankle.” Jayden and Deker are the only ones in my family left we still don’t know if my dad is still alive or not. I said, “I fell off the swig and twisted it.” I look down and I realized that my life is going really wrong. I had my ankle fix and they said I don’t need a chase on my ankle.

When we got happen”ryone nodded. Deker said, “The Nighlokes are getting stronger every min. even I know that because I’m a spy.” Bella was walking down the hall towards her room she looks sad. I remember something she’s not use to heat as I do. Like in New York the cold. I was washing my sword as usually.

The gap sensor went off. We ran off towards the park, we yell, “Go, go samurai.” There stood Delock, Zelock and Jayden talking to each other. I yell, “Leopard slash, Cheetah speed.”
All of them turn around. They all gasp. There we stood altogether side by side, Kevin and I stood in front. Jayden said, “How did you guys find us? Who are you five?” I said, “I’m Julia and this is Bella, Kelly, Travis and Connor. Gil and Jil told us. Zelock and Delock you made Jayden to bad and I want revenge on both of you.” That’s then coming from the bushes was Belong, Netnail, Belock and the whole good Nighlokes. I look surprise to see them and oh oo. Did they hear that or not? I hope not. Netnail look around and said, “I’m surprise to see you three all here at the same time.” I look at Netnail he didn’t notice me, but Belong did and gave me a nod. I wink at him. Everyone laugh including Zelock and Delock. Jayden said, “That was funny, really funny right.” I said, “Yeah I agree with that.” I slash at Delock with my sword and he left us to the Netherworld. Their came a scream behind me it was Zelock, “No, not my brother you.” I knew he was mad at me for that. It wasn’t his fault for bringing him here with him. Jayden started to cry, I said, “I thought you are a Nighloke, I thought Nighlokes don’t cry.” He whimpered and said, “I’m not a Nighloke, I’m a human.”

The Nether World

We walk back home. I can’t believe Jayden lied in front of Zelock. Zelock found out what the truth. Bella and Kevin were talking with Antonio. I was planning want to do when we get there with Mike and Emily, Connor and Travis is getting their pranks ready, Mia and Kelly are getting everything ready. I was telling them, “If we get more of the truth out of Jayden. We can trick them and we can get him back and his memory with my sword.” They agree with one of the many plans I had in mind, I said, “I made a wash that can bring back your memory. I can put on my sword.

We were listening to the news. The news lady said, “Today we are having a interview with Jayden Caehahaha. Jayden who’s in your family.” He said, “I don’t know where is my mom, don’t know where or what my dad is and I’m a only child.” I said, “What he does have a sister and that is me and mom is dead.”

We were in the news room. Jayden was still in the room but I had a plan. I talk to the camera man I ask if I can have interview. He said, “Yes.” The lady said, “We are having another one everyone meet Julia I don’t know what her last name is. So who’s in your family?”I got so excited and said, “My mom died and I don’t know where my father is and I have a twin brother name Jayden.” I swept my eyes to Jayden Caehahaha, then back to her. She said, “So you saying that you have a twin and he’s alive. Tell us about yourself.” I said, “No thank you.” She might not know why but I knew that life is.

After the interviews Jayden walk up to me and Bella while we were talking, he said, “hi my name is Jayden and yours is Julia. My father is sick and I had to live with my uncle Zelock.” I said, “Why didn’t you say that on TV. Om isn’t pose to be a twin.” He said, “yes but I didn’t what Uncle Zelock to know and the same reason for not telling it on TV.” I said, “Ah, I see but why do you what to tell truth to Zelock?” he said, “am because he is a Nighloke and he is really mad because his brother got sick of some sort of person like a ranger name Julia. Wait a min. your Julia the red ranger and you are Bella he yellow ranger.” I said, “Will you keep it a secret please.” He said, “I will keep it a secret and I won’t tell anyone I cross my heart.”

We were walking back home a girl appears and says, “Hi my name is Bellaca. I want to join the rangers.”I said, “Ok you must be the sliver ranger.” Bella said, “That can’t be you Bellaca. It is you.” Bellaca said, “Oh my gods Bella I miss you.”

Gil said, “Welcome Bellaca. I’m Gil and this is Jil. You must know that Julia is the leader of your team and the twin of the leader of Jil’s team. The leader was Jayden but he got captured by a Nighloke name Delock.” She said, “Sad, you must be sad Julia.” I nodded. So we went back to do before we went to the news room. I said, “We should go see Netnail and Belong to help us with getting Jayden back to us.” Mike said, “Ok that is a great idea Julia.”

I said, “Is everyone ready.” Everyone nodded, I said, “Teleport to the Netherworld.”(Boom) I said, “Welcome to the Netherworld everyone; we have to find Good Nighlokes.” Five Nighlokes appears, I said, “Hello my name is Julia and this is Bella, Connor, Travis, Bellaca and Kelly and over there is Antonio, Emily, Kevin, Mia and Mike. we come in peace.”