Pantherpaw is an apprentice of TrailClan, the Third Wind Bravespirit, and is roleplayed by Wild.


Pantherkit was one of the six kits found on the TrailClan border. She was given her name because of her sleek black coat, and slight mysteriousness.

She developed a friendship with Speedkit, and she eventually developed a crush on him. They trained together in The Nether, with Bearstar. Sunclaw eventually learned of this, and told her about her Wind Bravespirit powers, and the story behind Bearstar. Pantherkit began to visit the Nether less and less.

One night, she visited the Nether, but instead stumbled upon Rockstar. Rockstar began to run away from her, but she caught up eventually. Rockstar attacked her, and almost killed her, before Bearstar told him not to.

A couple nights later, she went to train, and Bearstar summoned Orangekit, Lightkit, and Steelkit to practice their moves on. Pantherkit guarded them, and prevented them from getting hurt, stating that she cared more for her friends then she did for herself.

After this, Pantherkit hated Speedkit, and developed a crush on Steelkit. She was seen hanging out with Hardkit and Orangekit, before Speedkit and Order of the Blood Clouds attacked. Orangekit tried to go back for Hardkit, but she stopped him, assuring him that Hardkit would be okay.

During training, she was the best with her skills.

During the fight with Speedkit, she was the one to injure him the most, but could not bring herself to kill him. Instead, when Speedkit attempted to kill her, Orangekit dived in front and killed him.

After this, she became an apprentice, and is currently mentored under Sharptooth, who is also Rockstar's son.



Pantherkit (rush) and Lightkit (blade) shipping image. The sandy and ginger hues are from the fire they are watching. (Light: Part 1)


She possesses the MAO-A gene, which causes her to have sudden violent outbreaks and causes her to have no reaction to tragic or graphic events, due to her encounter with Rockstar.

Pantherkit is loosely based off of Wild herself.

After abandoning the Nether, she was visited by Rockstar one last time. He put a curse on her, dooming her for a broken heart from everyone she loved.

Her theme song is, because sometimes she feels like stuff happens and she has no clue how to deal with it.

She will not become mates with Orangepaw or Steelpaw, but instead Lightpaw.