This is a heavily neutral pack of cats. They follow under the unofficial leader Duel, and tend to keep away from other Clans, tribes, orders, etc.


Duel- Black she-cat with amber eyes. Six moons old, and is the unofficial leader. (Wild)

Kanka- Black tom with purple stripes on his face and long, pertruding ears with glowing yellow eyes, (Wild)

Shi- Light gray tom with green shoulders and dark green eyes. Can make shadows trap people in place. (Wild)

Inoi- Large golden tom with green eyes. Can enter there opponets minds for five minutes. (Wild)

Ca- Chubby red tom with blind, closed eyes. Can inflate himself into massive sizes. (Wild)

Kitsu- Blue she-cat with swirling red stripes and golden eyes. (Wild)

Kakasi- Light gray, spiky furred tom with one dark blue eye and one red eye with a scar through it. Can copy any technique. (Wild)

Gaar- Red tom with wide green eyes. Can summon sand at will. (Wild)

Kari- Purple she-cat with blue eyes. (Wild)

Juu- Ginger tom with wide orange eyes. Has violent fits constantly. (Wild)

Sui- White tom with wide purple eyes. (Wild)

Tema- Golden she-cat with blue eyes. (Wild)