These are the cats that invaded TrailClan, and are in an ongoing war with them. They all have mini talents or deforminities that give them an advantage in battle.



Pai- Ginger tom with orange eyes. Black spots on muzzle and ears. Can split into six seperate bodies. (Wild)

Naga- Red tom with white eyes with spirals in them. Can paralyze people just by looking at them. (Wild)

Kisam- Large blue tom with blue eyes. Can summon sharks in the water. Wants to defeat Valleykit to prove he is the best water user. (Wild)

Ita- Longhaired black tom with red eyes. Can make cats feel as if they are being tortured for years in only a few seconds. (Wild)

Sasu- Black tom with red eyes. Can copy any technique. (Wild)

Deia- Longhaired golden tom with one blue eye and one robotic eye. Can create small explosions, and control birds. (Wild)

Sasor- Red tom with orange eyes. Can have swords come out of his back. (Wild)

Kona- Blue she-cat with blue eyes and a pink rose stuck between her ears. Can transform into tons of paper and throw herself at her enemy. (Wild)

Yahi- Ginger tom with blue eyes. Can fight for four days without feeling any tiredness. (Wild)

Ochi- Black tom with wide golden eyes. Can transform into a snake. (Wild)

Kabu- Light gray tom with gray eyes. Can summon the dead and have them fight for him. (Wild)

Miyu- Longhaired gray tom with blue eyes. Can transform into a huge tiger-cat beast. (Wild)

Zet- Half black, half white tom with pure yellow eyes. Can trap enemies in a venus fly trap like wooden contraption. (Wild)

Hid- Short-haired white tom with red eyes. Is nearly immortal. (Wild)

Ren- Golden she-cat with orange eyes. Can enter The End. (Wild)

Len- Golden tom with orange eyes. Can enter The End. Ren's brother. (Wild)

Phenomenon- Golden she-cat with green eyes. Can manipulate the gravity around other cats. (Wild)