Orangepaw is an apprentice of TrailClan, and the Third Fire Bravespirit. He is roleplayed by Wild.


Orangekit was one of the six kits found on the TrailClan border, and was named for his orange stripes, and fiery personality. He was shown to have a crush on Pantherkit, and hates Speedkit the most out of all the kit. \

He was one of the three Bearstar summoned to try and get Pantherkit and Speedkit to kill, but Pantherkit defended them.

He was one of the most airhead-like during training, but had a knack for battle strategies.

Orangekit was the one who killed Speedkit to save Pantherkit. After this, he was given his apprentice name, and his mentor became Trickspell.


Fire- He can combust fire out of mid air, and conduct it as he pleases.

Super Speed- He can run faster then any cat.

Lion Transform- He can transform into a lion, and can still use all of his powers as one.

Mimic- Orangepaw can perfectly mimic anyone.

Dream Walk- He can walk in any of the other Bravespirits dreams.

Long Jump- He can jump a whole forest in one leap.

Navigation- He can expertly navigate through any terrain.


His theme song is

He is a reincarnation of Splashheart, the second Water Bravespirit.

He won't become mates with Pantherpaw, besides many clues pointing toward so.