Narutoblaze is a warrior of FireClan, Genin ranked, and a member of Squad 7. He is Wild's character


He was first seen spreading berry juice all over the Hokage Monument, with two Chuunin chasing after him. After being disciplined for his actions, he is forced to clean up the mess. Irukaclaw offers to go get some vole with him after he's done, which he eagerly accepts.

As they eat vole, Narutoblaze explains his actions, saying that he was going to be better then the rest of the Hokage, so the Clan would accept him as an equal.

The next day, at the graduation exam, he fails miserably, and then Mizuki-eyes tells him about the Sacred Scroll of Sealing, and he immedietly steals it to learn the techniques.


Wild says that Narutoblaze's father isn't who anyone would expect.