LongerThis is Longer in real life.

Longer is a black tom with amber eyes.

He is a Kittypet


Longer was born to Bell(Bellstar) and Scar(Scarstar) with two siblings Millie and Short(Shortstar). He is a kittypet and was born in Leaf-bare.

At the age of 10 moons old his owners Mikey and Sammy had to move and they forgotten them.

Three moons older his sister Millie became friends with a tom name Duke who is bully of the neightborhood but she dosen't see it in her eyes.

He knew that tom is trouble when his sister was mated by him and her kits were stillborn. Millie understand now that not to be friends with a bully.

His father had join BloodClan and just him. Already two losts for him.

They got two new owners Birdy and Casey.

7 moons older his sister went with a tom to find a clan. It was only his mother and his sister Short.

His sister made a clan and there father came back.

5 moons older he saw a clan and met Angelheart and Thunderbolt.

He was brought into BirdClan's camp and saw his friend Wildwindstar.

He kidnape two of his sister's kits Swiftkit and Mosskit.



Bellstar alive in BellClan.


Scarstar alive


Shortstar alive in ShortClan.

Millie alive in ThunderClan.


Wildwindstar alive in BirdClan


Blossemfall alive in ThunderClan

Biarflight alive in ThunderClan


Bumblestripe alive in ThunderClan


Thunderbolt alive in BirdClan


Angelheart alive in BirdClan


When he was little he was lonely, smart and brave. He was so smart he will always beat his in a quesiotion game his family always have.


  • He had lots of losts in his life.
  • He will found out that he has powers.
  • He has a warrior heart and loves to fight.
  • His sister will become a kittypet again.