Lightpaw is an apprentice of TrailClan. He is roleplayed by Wild.


He was one of the six kits found on the TrailClan border. He was named Lightkit because of his easy going personality. He saved Valleykit from the fire, and after that became best friends with him.

Lightpaw stars in a mini story, Sunclaw and Lightkit: Conversation featuring him and Sunclaw having a discussion about Pantherpaw.

During the invasion of TrailClan, he manages to escape, and is suprised to learn that he is the Lightning Bravespirit.

In the course of the fight with Speedkit, he fights somewhat, and manages to save Pantherpaw from dying by telling her he loved her. After the fight, he is given his apprentice name, and is apprenticed to Warclaw.


Lightpaw will become mates with Pantherpaw.

His theme song is