Julia and Jayden Family Reunion Not Really

Author: Wildwindstar

Status: Just Started

Series: Wildwindstar Mini Story

Allegiances: Power Ranger Super Samurai/ Girl red ranger Super Samurai team/ Nighlokes

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Succeeding: None

Spellcheckers: None

Julia and Jayden finally see each other ever since they were 1 years old but things go wrong, Jayden gets kidnape by Zelock.


Julia and her team walk to their new dojo, after defeat Master Axedred and her nighlokes. Sam, Kelly, Bella, Travis, and Conner, Julia's team came with her and Gi to Calfoirana to see Jayden. Julia saw the nighebors going out training.

Gi said, "Julia should walk over and intorduce ourselves since your lady of Dojo."

Julia nodded and walk over to see the neighbors, Jayden the man of the house anwser the door."Ding Dong." Said Connor. Julia annoy by it.

"Next time Connor do a real ding dong not making the sound." Said Julia

Gi said, "Hello my name is Gi G-i with a g not a j, this is Julia, Travis, Kelly, Connor, Sam, and Bella. We are your new nieghbors."

Jayden said, "Hi my name is Jayden Shiba, the owner his name Ji. My friends Mia, Mike, Kevin and Emily live here also."

"Did you forgotten about me Jay." It was Antiono. Bella act so sweet around him werid.

Gap sensor goes off. Ji says, "Park in Harbor Park."

Chapter 1: Who are they?: JaydenEdit

I ran off to leave the new neighbors to go to Hebbor Park.

He fought the nighlok and then a group of rangers appear not his team they were with him right now.

He heard a gasp, "Delock, I see you are still alive after what happen to Master Axedrand." It was the red ranger.

Delock chuckle, "Well, well it sn't thoses pest power ranger samurai. Hello and good-bye red ranger."

He was about to teleport the other red ranger away. When I jump in front of the ranger.

Red ranger said, "Watch out or you will get teleported away. Cheetah's Speed."