Longer, Hazel, Scarstar, Engelpaw, Sunpaw, Bettlestar, and Flamepaw. AshClan, BirdClan, FireClan, ThunderClan and all the Tribes


(A/N: They never seen there father or talk to him.)

Hazel saw Bettle oh no is he mad. She knew he works for Tigerstar and the son. She hid her kits. She saw her brother Eagle and his friend Ash came near her cave while Bettle went out. She explains to them her plan.

Ash mewed, "So we take your kits to our up coming clan and take care of them oh k. How old are they?"

Hazel mewed, "5 moons old."

Sun mewed, "Mama, where are we going? Aren't you coming with us."

Hazel mewed, "I'm going to be a kittypet and your father is Ash he is starting a clan so I gave them to him. Be safe Sun, Engel and Flame."

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