Even though we aren't together we still love each other

The two kits from Element Sires Sunshinekit from FiresCla and Freezekit from IceClan. They both love each other but the clans they're in are rivals. After the Fire Part 1: Flames or Love book. Its leaf-bare. Best song to describe this Birdy made up.


{A/N: The kits are now 5 moons old and in real life is 4 moons old}

Freezekit was walking back home when she saw Icefur and Blackberry picking herbs. Icefur saw Freezekit and ran over to her. Blackberry was push into the snow.

Icefur mewed, "She's back Blackberry. She's back. Icestar would be so happy to see you."

They walk home, Blackberry muttering to himself the whole time. Featherkit and Stormkit look up from playing a game. Frozenfern and Icestar were staring tounges.

Stormkit came running over and tackle his sister. "Your back I miss where were you anyway."

Icestar knew where she was the whole since that happen only happen twice for her. Thank Elements for staying alive.


Sunshinekit walk home alone again, no one to come for just like Freezekit. He misses her so much. Crowfire and Firecrow saw him and ran over to him. They walk to camp and he saw his sister and ran over to her.

Fires-eyestar mewed, "Welcome back little one how are you?"

Sunshinekit mewed, "Great father, I miss u while I was gone how is Stormykit."

Stormykit mewed, "Great brother. I miss you."

They all talk and went to bed in their nests.

Chapter 1 Frozen Heart: FreezekitEdit

Icestar mewed, "May all old cats that can catch prey, come and be under icele brach for a clan meeting. Today my kits have became apprentices. Freezekit, Stormkit and Featherkit please come forward. "

They came forward.

"Freezekit untill you get your warrior name you will be known as Freezepaw and your mentor will be Icefur. Stormkit until you get your warrior name you will be known as Stormpaw and your mentor will be Fernheart. Featherkit until you get your warrior name you will be known as Featherpaw and your mentor will be Grassheart."

Clan, "Stormpaw. Freezepaw. Featherpaw."

I couldn't wait for the gathering to tell Thornkit maybe Thornpaw now since we were all born on the same day. Sunshinekit must understand that I love someone else now since our clans are rivails.

Icefur and Grassheart were talking over by the yew bush. "So Freezepaw, is going to be a good apprentice."