Its about 5 cats with powers of Fire, water, ice, earth and wind that were born in diffirent clans. They need to defeat a cat name Pain. This is not including Moon Cats.

Main ChactersEdit

Sunshinekit ginger tom with dark green eyes and black stripes. Power of Fire. From FiresClan. Thrid Fire power cat. Roleplay by Wildwindstar.

Wavekit blue tom with dark purple eyes and grey stripes. Power of Water. From WaterClan. Second Water power cat. Roleplay by Wildwindstar.

Freezekit pure snow white she=cat with blue eyes and blue and silver stripes. Power of Ice. From IceClan. Third water power cat. Roleplay by Wildwindstar.

Rootkit green she-cat with blue eyes, green stripes and long legs and fur. Power of earth. From EarthClan. Thrid earth power cat. Roleplay by Wildwindstar.

Breezekit white she-cat with blue eyes and black and grey stripes. Powers of Wind. From WindyClan. Second wind power cat. Roleplay by Wildwindstar.

Current StoriesEdit

Fire Part 1: Flames or Love

Authors NoteEdit

All the chacters are me or my friends.

Breezekit is after my friend, avdventurious and wise.

Sunshinekit is after my crush.

Wavekit is after my four grade teacher.

Freezekit after me. Brown Black

Rootkit is after my friend who is on and off friend.

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