The first book in Death/Fire/Bird fight for freedom sires.


DeathClan, BirdClan and FireClan leaders, deputies, warriors and apprentices from each clan.

Firestar turn good and is a spy. His mother is Wildwindstar.

MoonClan cats.

Dark Maroon cats.


Wildwindstar and Firestar were talking in a dream in StarClan border with Dark Maroon.

Firestar mewed, "I think Deathstar should be kill he almost kill me in Dark Maroon. Killed Snowy and toke Heatpaw her apprentice about to be Warrior."

Wildwindstar growled, "Why would he kill my son Firestar, I agree with you."

Biirdstar and Sparrowstar came walking in with Falconsnow.

Sparrowstar mewed, "I'm sorry but Falconsnow was kill by Killax and Deathstar."

Wildwindstar cried, "No Falconsnow please StarClan don't take more warriors."

Birdstar mewed, "The cat who kill many cats must die, Freedom for the other clans from being killed, Wild, Fire and Death will fight for freedom, Wild and Fire allies for life, and Death the enemy before Dark Maroon."

Firestar and Wildwindstar nodded.

(Dark Maroon camp)

Tigerstar and Owlpeltstar watch as the cats being trained. Hawkfrost and Mapleshade came in and saw that Firestar is missing.