This is about when Dark Maroon rise up and whats to kill every cat. The Prohecy cats came to beat them and save all the cats.


Flarefur saw a ghostly figure near her apprentice Flaringpaw she use fire at the ghost and disspear. She ran to find Snowstar and Wildwindstar. The had meeting tonight.

The Hills of Snow

Riverpaw mewed, "She is late again."

Snowstar mewed, "Well here is Birdstar spirit."

Birdstar mewed, " Hey guys Riverpaw you know I saw you fluttering your eyes at Riverpaw."

Riverpaw blushed, "Sorry she is a good cat."

A black tom with ginger stripes came with a silver tom and black stripes, gray tom with white stripes and black tom with stripes came. Thunder crash in the sky.

Birdstar mewed, "Loners at a warriors with powers, not loners with powers meeting."

Silver tom mewed, "Well my sister almost got killed and Thunder saved her right bro."

Black tom with ginger stripes mewed,"Right River, is that a challnge."

Riverpaw mewed, "Yes it is."

Snowstar mewed, "What you think Birdstar?"

Birdstar mewed, "Lets wait until Wildwindstar comes then we should dicede."

A flash on flame appear and Wildwindstar and Flarefur appears.

Wildwindstar mewed, "Sorry we are late a tom killed Lickbutt and someone almost killed Riverpaw." When she saw her brothers. "Thunder will bring River to sea(Prophecy she heard.), Wind will shadows down to earth and the four will save the clans."

Snowstar and the others tip there heads to the side.

Birdstar mewed, "Who told you that prohecy?"

Wildwindstar mewed, "When I was very young when I first join the clan. By a cat name Badger."

Thunder yowled a battle cry and attack Birdstar.

Wildwindstar heaed stairt for River and use Ice Blizzard.