CaseyThis is Casey

Casey is a blondle tom with brown eyes. Spirt of a Tiger.

Warrior of SLG

Roleplay by Wildwindstar.


Casey was born to Roar(mother) and James(father) with a twin brother name Jayden.

He ranway after his mother was killed at the age of 45 years old, seven years after he and Jayden were born, he met a girl name Birdy and a boy name Eloy and brought him to a place.

He ranaway again cause he was so scared after Birdy went missing. He ran.

10 years later he join Order of the Claw as a cub the same year Jarrod is leaving. He got in trouble with Jarrod and he became the chossen ones to be grauding Dai Shi spirt.





His theme song is

  • He is in love with Claudia and Birdy,
  • He should never cheated Birdy.
  • He will go back to good.
  • He and Birdy will be married and again.