Darth was sitting on a tree, looking up at the rising moon. He breathed in the fresh, piney air. All of the staff should be here by now. He heard a tree branch snap behind him, which made his ears twitch. Looking behind him, he saw a black and red pelt glimmer in the moonlight.

"Manda, you came." Darth said, dipping his head. Manda nodded in appreciation.

"Mey and Aj are on their way, but I haven't seen Chris." Manda stated. Darth licked one of his red stripes, smoothing it out.

"Hello." Mey said, as he and Aj poked there head into the small area surrounded by leaves.

"Did you make sure you wern't followed? I caught Insane trying to sneak here." Manda asked. Mey looked behind himself, his light blue and black coat rippling, then he looked back into the leaves.

"No one else is here." He said. Darth nodded.

"I'm here as well." Chris said, suddenly appearing next to Darth. Chris's rainbow pelt sparkled in the moonlight. "You all know we're here to discuss the prophecy, right?" All of the others nodded in unison.

"Wait!" A voice from the trees called out. A blue and golden tom stumbled out from the ferns. "Muff's here." He panted. Chris nodded.

"As you all know, BSF is suffering. There have been fewer cats coming, and more cats leaving. I'm the only owner left, so I have huge responsibility. We need to find more cats to help us. That's where this prophecy comes in. Who remembers it?" Chris said.

"I remember it." Darth stated. "From Classic, will come one. The Panther will uncover the darkness shrouded by the light, and then the end will reign."

"The End? We've put The End off limits ever since the RoboFoxx incident!" Manda exclaimed. Aj nodded in agreement.

"Well, this 'Panther' will obviously find a way there. When Panther does, it will either die or possibly win." Aj said. Muff's eyes widened.

"But...these Ender Dragons, no warrior has been able to handle them! Not even with Manda's overpowered swords! There's no way...!" Muff exclaimed.

"Whatever this Panther is, we will have to wait and rely on it. Let's hope this is the right choice..." Chris said. His pelt rippled, and he disappeared once more.

Chapter OneEdit

Panther padded down the long path roughly. She was so mad at Oreo. As soon as she had become an architect in ClassicClan, where she could start to freeze other cats, she was sent to SurvivalClan! Here at SurvivalClan, her skills in ClassicClan would mean nothing, and she would have to start anew.